Denim and Cloth Face Masks

Still ethically made. Still Melbourne based. Still the go to jeans in your stylish wardrobe. 

Still making Australian women feel more confident in themselves. But now, Nobody Denim is catering to these unprecedented times. Introducing quality cloth face masks and revisible denim face masks to help keep our community safe and healthy.

Style with purpose. From our humble beginnings in Melbourne more than two decades ago, this motto has stuck. And now more than ever, our face masks offer purpose in the form of safety and security.  

Nobody Denim continues to value our core principles; safety is paramount. And we strive to protect our community with durable, breathable, stylish and reusable face masks that are held in place comfortably with a single strap around the head. 

The best face masks to buy protect the user with a close fit over the nose, cheek and chin. With 3 layer mask construction using 100% cotton and quality poly-cotton blend fabrics, our face masks do just that. Our face masks come in a few varieties including cotton face masks, stripe denim face masks and indigo denim face masks. 

Getting these face masks online also helps keep our staff employed during Stage 4 restrictions, as we have repurposed our sewing facility to produce medical scrubs for frontline responders and face masks for aged-care facilities, healthcare workers, schools, and to you.  

Made with care. Our reusable face masks are made in Melbourne by a team that is dedicated to maintaining safe workplace practices. Carefully designed for comfort and ease of wear without sacrificing on coverage nor breathability, these cloth face masks can be put on effortlessly and securely.

We use high quality materials to craft face masks that fit a wide range of faces comfortably and securely, including children over 12. Made with one layer of cotton and two layers of poly-cotton, these masks comply with the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines for non-medical masks.

We're humbled and privileged to be supporting our community. Together, let’s keep each other safe. Trust Nobody Denim for your face masks online.