Distressed & Ripped Jeans For Women

The embodiment of style. A worthy and irresistible muse in your wardrobe, one you’ll return to time and again. Welcome to the world of ripped jeans for women. 

Nobody’s distressed jeans are designed in our Fitzroy studio, Melbourne, with a thoughtful design process and longstanding commitment to ethical manufacturing principles and sustainability that solidify this edit’s holistic considerations. 

Cut with modern charm and excruciatingly high standards, our high quality distressed jeans for women merge denim fabrics that contour and stretch, giving both lift and a slimming effect. Distressed jeans, the year-round wardrobe staple for the modern woman.

Ready to Wear On Trend Denim

Featuring chaotic finishes and scruffy charm, distressed jeans are the ultimate contemporary denim. Great styling options abound; a tee and fashion-forward denim jacket for an all denim ensemble, a striking silk shirt for nights out, fitted knitwear for a versatile look. 

Our other signature jeans can deliver a new twist on your everyday wardrobe essentials too. Available styles and fits include ripped super high waisted jeans, black ripped jeans and ripped skinny jeans

Trust our Australian distressed jeans for women. Trust our ethical manufacturing practices. Trust our ‘Style with Purpose’ mantra. Trust our free shipping on orders over $250. Trust Nobody today.