In the lead up to warmer months in the southern hemisphere, it’s time to swap out our Cult Skinny jeans for their shorter counterpart.

Forever our summer go-to and holiday staple, the denim short holds a special place in our hearts, and wardrobes. Denim cut-off’s, Daisy Duke’s, slouchy denim numbers; our beloved denim shorts come in an abundance of shapes and lengths. Historically, Australia’s zest for beach culture and hot weather have lead to an insurgence of ‘the shorter the better’ trend in denim short lengths. Cue the ‘Puberty Blues’ soundtrack...

But what to do if we don’t want to opt for the short shorts our Mum’s refused to buy us as teens?

It's normal for most women to feel a bit awkward shopping for shorts. Not dissimilar to a purchase of jeans, the sometimes daunting task of trying on denim shorts can bring out insecurities we’d much rather throw a long skirt or pant over. We’re here to suggest our secret weaponry in denim short play, may just give you a certain confidence you never thought you could possess wearing this seam length.

The more discreet, perfect trans-seasonal option is the Longline Denim Short. Sometimes referred to as the Bermuda Short, this longer version, once popular in the 1940’s and then again in the 1990’s, is back.

So, if you’re not a longline denim short aficionado, how does one actually make them look fashionable?
Below is a guide on how to wear a-longer-than-you’re-used-to short, according to what you would typically reach for in the warmer weather. 

The Daisy Dukes Woman

So you’re into a confidently short, denim short? Taking the plunge into the world of the lengthier relative of your go-to can be daunting for a strictly cut-off wearing girl. The Stevie Short, is the ultimate in not-too-short shorts, featuring a slight A-line shape and finishing at the mid-thigh, it’s perfect for a relaxed weekend look. Pair them back with one of our Organic Classic Tees and a statement belt, and the modern summer uniform is born. We suggest throwing an Original Jacket Unique over your shoulders for those balmy evenings, that turn to cooler nights.

The, short refusing, I wear Skinny Jeans all-year-round, Woman

The Tyler Short is for those who prefer to wear their Siren Skinny Jeans rain, hail or shine. Finishing at mid-thigh, and as fitted to the leg as a skinny jean, the Tyler is the perfect, shortened jean resolution for women who prefer to not wear shorts. The considerate length, boyfit qualities and feminine proportions lend themselves naturally to being dressed up. The perfect day-to-night piece, we suggest wearing the Tyler with your Silk Cuffed Shirt Fine Stripe, and a sophisticated heeled footwear option.

The Slouchy Short Woman

The Parker Short is the lengthiest, most relaxed counterpart of the Longline Denim Short family at Nobody Denim. A statement option, the exaggerated long length and distressed accents lend themselves perfectly to a bold look.
Take advantage of The Parker‘s super-high rise and accentuate the waist by tucking in whatever you choose to style it with. Our Paradiso Top Black Linen is the perfect effeminate pairing to balance the exaggerated proportions of the distressed short. Add a pointed pump to elongate the leg even further, and some assertive ear candy and you’re ready to conquer.

And remember, if you’re reluctant on the exaggerated inseam of any of the above styles, why not roll the cuff to adjust the length, and the look?