In Conversation | Alannah Walton

Alannah Walton on growing up in Australia, notes on sustainability, and what forms her signature style.

What is your name ? 

Alannah Walton.

Age ?


Can you tell us a bit about the place you grew up ?

I am from the Northern Beaches of Sydney and moved to the Jervis Bay area when I was about 12 years old and just entering high school.

Where is your favourite place in Australia ? 

The Beecroft Peninsula, Jervis Bay. This is home to me and holds some of my greatest memories so far. In saying that, I just visited Broome for the first time, and it was so magical.

How would you describe the Australian style and the fashion industry ?

I think Australian style often revolves around our love for the sun and summer. The Australian Fashion Industry is somewhat like a family. I have noticed that after working in the middle of it for some time now. It doesn’t seem to have much of a competitive streak. Everyone is supporting and growing together. I think that sense of community may take away some of the anxiety to be the best, or in competition, and just leaves room to push and challenge the creativity we have here in Australia. 

What do you miss most about Australia when you are travelling or living overseas ? 

I miss the space mostly. Being able to go to your favourite beach, and not see one person. That is a luxury I didn’t realise I had until I moved overseas!

What does sustainability mean to you? Is it important when you are buying clothes ?

Sustainability in the fashion industry means to me quality over quantity. When sustainable brands focus on quality that is made to last, using environmentally friendly fabrics, you can reduce your waste as well as the amount of clothing you buy. 

What are some ways you are trying to be more sustainable ? 

I have always been a big advocate for preloved and vintage items. This is an easy way to shop sustainably. I also love supporting smaller brands that are using hemp, organic cotton and linen. I also donate or resell all of my preloved clothing.

Another thing fashion aside that I have been working on is eating less meat. I think I am eating about 70% less meat than I was 2 years ago. Every little part makes a difference. 

Who is your style inspiration ?

I don’t have a who when it comes to style inspiration, but I definitely find a lot of inspiration in 90’s fashion. Maybe Christy Turlington if I needed to name one. 

How would you describe your signature style ?

My signature style is very simple and paired back. I love pants and jeans, so I will generally pair a plain tank and jacket with a cool pair of pants. 

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