Artful design, feminine formations and a slow fashion philosophy. There’s more to the Luxe Rib Knit collection than first meets the eye. One thing you’ll notice: the way they sculpt the body. It was important that our new knits celebrate and empower the female form. Equally essential: the perfectly comfortable fit. Not an easy equation to solve, but by working with local knit fabric designers and manufacturers at Melbourne Textile Knitting, we were able to find the perfect balance.

In operation for 85 years and passed down through generations, MTK’s creations begin with a vision of a fabric, and take a holistic approach from idea to finished product. With a focus on mixing yarns in unusual ways to create bespoke original textiles – the desired fabric dictates the type of machine and its settings.

Nobody Denim’s signature circular rib is made on a machine specialised for its shape, creating a sturdier knit for an extended lifespan. The process is gradual but the pay-off is worth it: fabric with longevity and pieces that transcend seasons.

Our penchant for luxurious fabrications lends to a collection of ongoing essentials – rendered in FSC certified viscose, sourced from sustainable forestry. The intention was to create a series of modern staples to be worn back with our denim: fine lines realised in flattering forms. Enter the ultimate fitted tee, with the perfect sleeve length for understated chic; the luxe scoop neck tank, and the long-sleeved turtleneck you won’t want to part with when the temperature drops. These pieces are made to be kept.

Versatility is the core focus for our collection of Luxe Rib Knits, and practicality is a major priority. The garments’ high quality means they can be worn tight to the skin and hand-washed when needed without compromising their structural integrity – so there’s no need to think twice about wearing them on repeat.

Layer up or wear them minimally. Tuck them into your jeans. Play it as you feel it. And this season, don’t be afraid to embrace rich hues.

The distinct colours of Nobody Denim’s Autumn 19 Artist Not the Muse collection take inspiration from the eras of impressionism and surrealism. We were drawn to the works of influential artists of this movement: their bold nature, abstract structures, rich colour and focus on the female form. But more so, we were entranced by the women who inspired these artists – from surrealist photographer Dora Maar to painter Françiose Gilot – and the lives and style behind the canvases. Muses, but much more than that, they were talented creatives in their own right, and helped change the course of history.

Drawing on the artist’s palette, the Luxe Rib Knit becomes part of a uniform infused with creative potential and attention to detail. For the modern woman who knows her signature.